You get one chance at life. Live it intentionally.

At ATA Cosmetics, we aim to elevate life's experiences by focusing on what we can control (Attitude, Thoughts, Actions) and by harnessing nature's gifts. Our natural, sustainable products enhance your essence and cultivate habits that shape a positive tomorrow.

ATA Cosmetics...Take Control.


Stop wasting expensive liquid products.

Stop caking your face with bacteria.

Elevate your skincare and makeup routine while applying liquid products.

Expect more from your applicator!

The Applicator™
  • Ergonomic

    Our unique design effortlessly navigates every contour of your face. With a pointed tip for precision around the eyes and nose, and a rounded bottom for targeted layering, you'll achieve a professional finish every time.

  • Reduced Product Waste

    The Jade Applicator minimizes product absorption, requiring less product for the same coverage. This puts more money back in your pocket!

  • Hygienic & Sustainable

    Say goodbye to bacteria-harboring tools like sponges, brushes and fingers. Our applicator is a sustainable and hygienic alternative for applying liquids, keeping your skin healthy & beautiful. Plus, it's easy to clean—just rinse with water & soap after.


Jade, a gemstone associated with healing and rejuvenating properties, has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and skincare practices.

We've coupled jade with the daily routine of applying liquid products, helping our clients save time, money, and enjoy a spa-like, massaging experience with The Jade Applicator™!

The Applicator™
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  • How to Use The Jade Applicator™

  • See and hear from MUA's and their clients!

  • Amanda T:

    "The Jade Applicator was so smooth and much better than the sponge or my fingers! Plus, it was nice and cool to ease puffing and inflamation on my face!"

  • Geri C:

    "I blended two colors and it mixed perfectly! I love it!"

  • Donna S:

    "I am a 70 year old woman that loves using this applicator for putting creams and blush on my face.  It’s a face massage twice day and has made a difference!"