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application methods can harm YOUR SKIN + HEALTH!

Bacteria can cause breakouts, redness, inflammation and exacerbate underlying skin issues. Bacteria can also lead to health issues like Staph and Pinworm.

Studies have found:

  • Under nails: 32 types of bacteria and 28 types of fungi
  • Sponges and brushes: 75-91% have harmful bacteria. 57% have fungi

normalize not using fingers, brushes & sponges for healthier, glowing skin!

Our Signature Product


Introducing ATA Cosmetics' innovative Jade Applicator, the sole skincare and makeup tool crafted from authentic jade stone! With its easy cleaning design, it outperforms traditional applicators.

Experience the massage benefits of a jade roller and gua sha during your daily routine. Save on product usage with this versatile, all-in-one tool. Elevate your skincare and makeup regimen with The Jade Applicator!

If you’re a MedSpa, a Makeup Artist, you work with skin or you apply any skincare or makeup to your face, this product is for YOU!

#1 Skincare & Makeup Applicator + massage tool

This all-in-one tool replaces brushes, sponges, fingers, jade rollers & gua shas!

Cooling Sensation

The cool jade surface depuffs and soothes the skin, providing a spa-like sensation with every use.


Seamlessly transitions between skincare and makeup application while simultaneously massaging the face. A versatile beauty experience.

Luxurious Design

Crafted from authentic jade, our applicator exudes elegance and sophistication.

enhance your skin + save money!

Product Optimization

No more wasting expensive product with brushes, fingers and sponges. The Jade Applicator allows you to use all your product, ultimately saving you money!

Reusable and easy to clean

Reuse The Jade Applicator and do better not just for your skin, but also the environment. Easy to clean. Just use soap and water!

Flawless Makeup

Achieve a professional finish with even blending, preventing caking, and ensuring a radiant complexion.

why we`re unique

At ATA Cosmetics, we embrace the belief that your best life lies within you and the natural world. Our mission is to elevate life's experiences by focusing on what we can control (Attitude, Thoughts, Actions) and harnessing nature's gifts. ATA Cosmetics invites you to Take Control.

the perfect skincare & makeup applicator tool

the jade applicator

elevate your beauty ritual


better for your skin and the environment!

which color will YOU choose?

Unleashing Beauty in Green and White/Green Brilliance






Providing natural solutions for a better you and a better environment Providing natural


We are committed to staying on top of the latest and best products for your skin and its evolving needs!


We are committed to helping you elevate your experiences in life!

When it comes to elevating your beauty routine, The Jade Applicator outshines the competition. From its authentic jade material to its versatile design and unparalleled cooling sensation, our product stands as a symbol of luxury and effectiveness. Choose The Jade Applicator for a beauty experience that transcends the ordinary.