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About ATA Cosmetics

Because what you do today impacts tomorrow!

About the Brand

ATA stands for: Attitude. Thoughts. Actions.  The only 3 things you can control and all 3 impact the experiences you have in life.  ATA Cosmetics is more than a brand, we're a lifestyle committed to elevating mind, body, and skin.We put our customers first. Whereas many companies add unnecessary and even harmful products to skincare to save money, ATA Cosmetics is focused on the result of the product- not just the bottom line.  We can't stop aging, but we can feel better in the skin we're in. 

What We Sell

We sell natural and sustainable skincare products.  ATA Cosmetics' flagship item was the industry-changing, patented, The Jade Applicator™.  Skincare products will include lines for both men and women, focused on products for areas above the chest.

About the Founder

Jen Sugermeyer is a proud Texan that stands flat-footed at 6'1" and rocks 4" heels.  In one word, Jen is TENACIOUS.  There's nothing she can't do, her daddy taught her that!  After a long corporate career as a leader in IT, having worked in places like Afghanistan and Washington D.C., Jen became passionate about the power of the mind and creating a life we deserve.  Her mission is to help people elevate their EXPERIENCES through gaining confidence within themselves.  She's written multiple personal development books and enjoys speaking to audiences on how to shift the mind to create a better EXPERIENCE.