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versatile tool for medspas!

Enhance your clients MedSpa experience by offering an additional haven of luxury and holistic skincare experience. Introducing The Jade Applicator (the “Aftercare Applicator”) – a revolutionary beauty tool that seamlessly integrates into your services, offering a new dimension of luxury during a session. It's also an aftercare tool to aid in your clients recovery for skincare application.

Couple with your services

Key MedSpa Benefits

Increase the bottom line $$

Reduce product waste and save on glove utilization with The Jade Applicator! Become a reseller and increase your bottom line with this must have Aftercare Applicator.

Reusable & easy to clean

The Jade Applicator is easy to clean and reusable. Do better for your budget and the environment with this versatile tool!

Offer a unique experience

Offer your clients an elevated service offering. If you use the product for massaging or applying product, The Jade Applicator gives clients an added and unique elevated experience!

Key Client Benefits

enhanced experience during & after

Clients will benefit from the coolness of jade in and out of the workplace. The spa experience need not cease post-session!

Aids in recovery

Alleviate post-treatment redness and puffiness utilizing the natural coolness of jade. Encouraging hands to stay away from the face can help prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, the massaging actions aid in lymphatic drainage.

Reduce risk of post-treament infection

Infections may occur post an abrasive treatment. Skin is sensitive, requiring vigilance against staph and other infections. The Jade Applicator aids in preventing germs from fingers and nails.

How to Incorporate The Jade Applicator into your MedSpa


Become an Affiliate or Reseller!

Email us below and we can help not only elevate your practice and your client’s experience but also put more money in your pocket!